The "PRO" Package

You send us your demo, then we’ll set up a conference call between you and our production staff to discuss your goals, our comments and recommendations, then form a plan. From that point, we’ll do all the heavy lifting, from collaborating on the song structure, lyric and melody with you, down to working out the arrangement, hiring the right pro players, then producing, mixing and mastering your song. 


To get started, just click the “PRO Package” button below, and we’ll walk you through the whole process. The demo can be a simple vocal/guitar or vocal/piano track; it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate! And always remember, unlike some of our “competitors,” we are working for you as contractors, so you will retain 100% of the copyright and authorship of your song. When we’re done, you’ll have your song, played by some of the best musicians, completely mixed and mastered to industry standards. 

A La Carte

If you already have your song polished up, and you just need a player or two, want some production and mixing assistance, or help marketing a final mix you already have, we can still help you! Head over to our “Pricing” page, and you can see our very competitive rates for more focused services.

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Book a FREE 20 Min. Consultation

Unlike some of our “competitors,” we are offering our services under a “work for hire” basis, which means that you retain 100% control of your copyright, licensing, residuals, and ownership.


We do NOT ask for any portion of your rights or royalties, and only ask that we be allowed to list you and provide a short excerpt of your work here on our website so that we can help others as well.