How it Works

It all starts with your song.  You submit a demo to us to review, and we’ll get back to you if we feel we can help you.  Don’t worry about quality here, a bare-bones vocal/guitar or vocal/piano track is perfectly fine!  We’ll set up a conference call with you and our production staff to discuss your goals, our comments and recommendations, and start talking about the overall production process specific to your song. 


From there, we’ll do the arranging, generate the scores, contract the musicians and studio time, and lay down the tracks for your song based on our pre-production discussions.  Once YOU APPROVE the tracks, we’ll create a working mix for you to use as a bed, the have you cut the vocal tracks and send them in to us.  Once we have the your vocal tracks, we’ll do the final mix, then master it to play back perfectly on the streaming services and send it to you in high-quality audio format, along with an unmastered version for your files!

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Our Services

It all starts with your song...

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Unlike some of our “competitors,” we are offering our services under a “work for hire” basis, which means that you retain 100% control of your copyright, licensing, residuals, and ownership.


We do NOT ask for any portion of your rights or royalties, and only ask that we be allowed to list you and provide a short excerpt of your work here on our website so that we can help others as well.